What is clear_data_home method in sklearn datasets?

sklearn.datasets.clear_data_home() is a function provided by the scikit-learn library in Python. It clears the sklearn cache directory used to store dataset downloads and caching. When a dataset for the first time is loaded from sklearn.datasets the data is stored in a default directory, which is usually “~/.scikit_learn/datasets/”.

clear_data_home() function is used to delete the cached versions of the datasets from the cache directory so that when you load the data again it will be re-downloaded from the original source, which can be useful if you want to ensure that you have the latest version of a dataset or if you need to free up disk space.




sklearn.datasets.clear_data_home() function does take one parameter:

  • data_home (default=None): This parameter specifies the directory in which the cached datasets are stored. If None (default), it uses the default directory ~/.scikit_learn/datasets/.

Return Values

sklearn.datasets.clear_data_home() function doesn’t return any value. It is a void function that deletes all the cached datasets from the specified cache directory (data_home) or the default cache directory (~/.scikit_learn/datasets/) if data_home is not specified.


Here’s an example that demonstrates how to use sklearn.datasets.clear_data_home() function.

from sklearn.datasets import clear_data_home

# Specify the custom directory where the cached datasets are stored
data_home = '/my/custom/datasets/directory/'

    # Delete the cached datasets from the specified directory
    print(f"Cached datasets in {data_home} have been successfully deleted.")
except Exception as e:
    print(f"Failed to delete cached datasets in {data_home}. Error message: {e}")
  • Line1: Imports the clear_data_home() function from the sklearn.datasets module. We need to import this function to use it to clear the cached datasets.
  • Line#4: Defines a variable data_home and assigns it a string value of a custom directory path where the cached datasets are stored. You can replace this path with your custom directory path, or omit this line if you want to use the default cache directory (~/.scikit_learn/datasets/).
  • Line#6-11: try-except block used to testify statements in try block first. Otherwise, except block will me executed.

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